Planning an event is always a high-pressure situation. From fundraising galas to product launches to office parties, our approach combines a fluid process with expert curation, to give any private event that extra kick without any of the hassle to you.  Make your event an experience!

The right artists

Our network of spectacular artists gives you access to the elite and the eclectic—from world-class established pros to emerging musicians who we have developed and mentored ourselves. Choosing the best style and genre for you is our specialty. From tasteful background music to someone who brings the whole crowd to its feet, we work with artists from every background to give your event the perfect mix of ambiance and energy.


full stage production

We have hosted events in every context imaginable – in museums, homes, parks, concert halls and more. Establishing your technical stage needs is second nature to us. The scene just seamlessly unfolds without your ever being burdened by the technical details.  


Flexible collaboration

Just because we can do it all doesn't mean we always need to. We are happy to fill in the gaps, taking care of any combination of needs you may have, creating a flexible production that fits your situation. We love collaborating with tech teams, venues, and other event service providers to make the event the best it can be.